How to give your best for NEET 2021

How to give your best for NEET 2021

By Vaishali Thapa, 13th July, 2021

A smart trail to success in 60 days

Ever since COVID-19 has struck, the need for doctors, nurses, and medical practitioners has been felt all across humanity. Although they have always been an important part of our society, but now they are being actively recognized as “Heroes" for the selfless duties they have been performing during these times of crises. Their courage and determination have motivated many of us and must have induced a sense of encouragement amongst many NEET aspirants. But given the present restriction-bound conditions and inability to go out and seek relevant help, many students might be pondering upon “How would I be able to score well this time? From where to get my doubts cleared?" or could just be worrying that they couldn't study well enough to get into their dream college. Well, don't worry, we got it all covered, we know time is running out, and you must be thinking that “We are doomed," but chill, we are here for you. We've got this, and we will sail you through these testing times.

Now, coming to NEET, National Eligibility Test cum Entrance Test is conducted once a year by the Ministry of Education, India. The examination paper has 180 questions, having 45 questions each from Physics and Chemistry and 90 questions from Biology. Each correct answer receives four (4) marks, and each incorrect response gets (-1) negative marking. The duration of the exam is 3 hours (180mins), and the maximum marks are 720.

Students who attain qualifying marks become eligible for admission to one of India's best government-recognized Medical colleges offering MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). The exam carried out is certainly not a piece of cake and is one of the most sought-after entrance examinations in India. Although it has been the case many times that a balanced combination of hard work and smart work have done miracles and have helped the aspirants score well smoothly.

Since we are focusing on a 60-day pre-examination preparation, the aspirants must religiously adhere to the mentioned guidelines to qualify for NEET 2021. This period of 2 months is a game-changer to get a rank pull and be a step closer to your goal.

Make a study schedule and adhere to it

Now, it is often said that making a study schedule is crucial but does it help? The answer is “yes," it does. Making a schedule helps with planning everything as needed. It allows one to distribute the time accordingly and give proper emphasis on all the subjects. On the other hand, some aspirants forget to take necessary breaks which leads to body fatigue and brain dysfunctionality which must be avoided at all costs. Conclusively, following a strict schedule is a must but not at the expense of your health.

Make crucial decisions and stick to them

Once the schedule is made, then students need to understand the importance of time. Because in the course of preparation and going through subjects' topics, one might face certain problems that would require more of your attention. But since you are left with only 60 days, you can't afford to spend much of your revision time starting a new topic. Therefore, it is advised to leave new topics and to stick with the revision instead.

Focusing on priorities

Figuring out priorities and working with them in a chronological order is the next prime thing you should focus on. Now you must be thinking about what should be your priority, right? For that, you would have to look for subject-wise topics' weightages; topics with more weightage would require more attention, and those with lesser weightage can be covered quicker.

Attempt and Analyze Online-comprehensive tests

Last but not the least, attempting comprehensive mocks and assessing your results can help you improve your weaker areas and give you an extra edge over the topic you've learned. In addition, practicing lots of previous year's questions can help you understand the real nature and pattern of the questions being framed by NTA(National Testing Agency). Also, learning different tricks (using flashcards, sticky notes, one-pager formula sheets, etc.) to memorize the formulae can help you save a ton of time while preparing for the D-day.

It would only be justified to quote that success is achieved only by those who can pay the price for it. So, if you can pay the price for what it takes to be the next doctor, then nothing in this world can take it away from you.

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