How to Prepare for Physics NEET- 2021

How to Prepare for Physics NEET- 2021

By Vaishali Thapa, 13th July, 2021

“PHYSICS" is the subject that gives nightmares to many of the NEET aspirants, given that the subject has numericals, calculations, and a lot of Mathematics. Moreover, students seeking to have a medical career often don't opt for Mathematics along with Biology, which makes this subject even more difficult for them. Thus, NEET Physics is indeed the most challenging one to prepare for them. But once you start to get the hold of the basics of the concepts with proper reasoning, relevant derivations, and formulae, you will find that it is nothing to be feared of. Scoring well in Physics for NEET 2021 then becomes a cakewalk for the students.

NTA (National Testing Agency) conducts NEET examination for admission to India's best and esteemed MBBS colleges. The examination pattern includes questions from subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany, that make up 180 questions, 45 questions each from Physics and Chemistry, 90 questions from Biology (and Botany).

Students often think that a fair amount of self-study with constant practice will help them get qualifying marks, which is not bad at all to work with. But in today's time of fierce and cut-throat competition, when everyone is preparing as hard, you must work SMARTLY too. So, getting good marks in Physics is very achievable, for which you need proper commitment towards the subject which comes only with regular practice and proper determination.

Following are few tips that are tried and tested by the Physics toppers themselves, which could be useful for you as well-

Tip #1: Read the subject

Analyzing thoroughly and prioritizing the subject is one of the most crucial steps you should follow before preparing. NEET Physics has two parts, for both 11th and 12th class, comprising 29 chapters.

Whereas it is of utmost importance to cover and thoroughly practice every topic from the Physics NEET syllabus, the following is the list of the topics on which you can impart more attention.

Essential topics with heavy weightage in the exam:

  1. Mechanics
  2. Modern physics
  3. Electrodynamics
  4. Heat and thermodynamics
  5. Optics
  6. Waves
  7. Simple harmonic motion
  8. Electronic devices
  9. Gravitation
  10. Kinematics
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Tip #2: Follow a realistic timetable

Studying is important, but studying with a routine while following a proper and realistic timetable with short-term goals is a step toward effective learning. Preparation for Physics NEET 2021 will take a considerable amount of your time and attention. So, devising a properly distributed time management plan will help you a lot. Things that you might need to keep in mind while preparing a time-planner are-

  • Setting of priorities
  • Primary focus on essential topics
  • Plan for breaks too
  • Try to put time for physical activities as well
  • Set out a goal and reward system, treat yourself with some relaxation time in-between
  • Plan your sleep schedule accordingly.

Tip #3: Prepare Short Notes

Once done collecting study material and books, you should instantly shift your focus to preparing your own hand-made notes. You can watch multiple online videos, attend live sessions, and discussions to get your concepts clearer. Writing those clarified ideas by yourself (in shorter versions) would add to your memory better. Practicing this is a “sure shot" technique that builds strong memory and expands learning capacity. One thing to keep in mind is always to pay attention to formulae and try to grab hold of formulae derivation techniques.

Tip #4: Work with Mocks

It is the most significant step that you must follow. Solving mocks might sound less fun than the actual preparation, but NEET Toppers of previous years have shared that working with MOCK Test similar to those on ZinEdu website and prior years' question papers helped them understand the structure of Question paper better, which made their preparation even STRONGER. Of course, you can prepare extensively via numerous question discussion videos online too.

Tip #5: Live for Revisions

Lastly, revising must be done; there have been cases where the students invest themselves in practicing so much that they forget to revise on time and leave for exams with a feeling of unpreparedness. That is why revising terms, concepts, and formulae on a timely basis is always advised.

The tricks mentioned above will aid your preparations, only if you have a determined will and a non-quitting attitude. Along with it, a mentor and external aids such as coaching, online classes can be added to your preparation strategy.