How to Stay Away from Distractions while Preparing for IIT-JEE

How to Stay Away from Distractions while Preparing for IIT-JEE

By Vaishali Thapa, 13th July, 2021

One of the difficult things for students while preparing for IIT-JEE is sitting in one place without getting distracted, which doesn't seem like an actual issue in the initial days of preparation when you are all pumped up about cracking IIT-JEE and getting into the college of your dreams. But gradually, as time passes by and following a strict timetable over and over becomes monotonous, many aspirants lose their interest and tend to deviate from their goals, which makes learning and retaining difficult, hence causing fluctuations in building concentration.

It has been witnessed that over the years, technology has played both friend and foe. And nowadays, it has become a daily exercise for students to get engaged with gadgets, social media, and the internet, in general, to gather information, broaden their knowledge spectrum, and bring out the best of themselves, be it for academics or leisurely activities. So vaguely concluding that smartphones have been proven to be extremely handy and a source of diversion won't be wrong.
It is a healthy practice to socialize and stay updated about your friends & family or the world in general. But you must keep in mind that scrolling through social media apps and wasting time doing things that don't benefit your mental and physical health is a futile exercise. These may help you refresh yourself for a while but won't help you attain your goal of getting into an IIT.

Many young aspirants study hard and prepare for a year, but only a few fly off with vibrant colors of victory in the end. With proper guidance & appropriate measures,
Below mentioned points can be kept in mind to keep the unnecessary distractions at bay and stay focussed on your goal of getting into an IIT:

Use pen and paper for making notes

Please do not use your laptops, tablets, or smartphones when it comes to note-making. It has two significant reasons- First, writing down on paper using a pen adds to your muscle memory and helps in better memory retention. Second, when you use pen and paper, you can keep yourself away from notifications(from your smartphones) & other distractions by default.

Find the perfect study spot

When you plan to study for more extended periods, the most important thing you must look for is a spot with proper natural or artificial lighting and comfortable seating, which allows you to concentrate on your studies well. Even a small nook where you get minimum disturbance from your surroundings will work.

Keep your gadgets away

A practice that you must AVOID is CHECKING your mobile phone first thing in the morning. Doing this when you wake up demotivates the set agenda for the day. It also keeps you distracted throughout the day and takes away your attention from important things like your set routine, studies, etc.

Set a goal and work on it accordingly

Once you make up your mind to study, your next primary target must be to set short-term achievable goals. These goals could be related to any subjects you're studying, but there should be defined time limits to them. Having a specified time limit helps you achieve your set target and increases your exam preparation pace.

Be flexible and Do smart work

It would help to make changes to your study timetable from time to time because following the same study pattern every day reduces the concentration span. For example, you can shuffle subjects day & time-wise on a weekly basis. Also, you need to have a flexible timetable to adjust for the time you couldn't study to get to your set daily goal so that you don't miss the long-term goal of completing the syllabus on time.

Take breaks and find interesting hobbies

Breaks are necessary, especially when you're training your brain to prepare for an examination like IIT-JEE. Therefore, it becomes imperative to keep in mind to follow strict duration for the breaks as well. Try not to indulge yourself in social media because endless scrolling might seem like a stress buster or fun, but it eats up large chunks of your time, making your break inefficient. Instead, one should replace it with hobbies such as playing chess, doing workouts, painting, sketching, or even taking short naps to rest your eyes & brain. These activities expand the brain's creative side, promoting out-of-the-box thinking and enhancing critical thinking, which is highly beneficial for exams like JEE.

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A little JEE insight-

The Joint Entrance Examination or JEE is an engineering entrance examination conducted by NTA. JEE is the most sought-after examination in India and is one of the toughest examinations to crack worldwide. This examination is to take admission into India's elite government & semi-government engineering colleges. This exam is conducted in two stages: JEE Main and JEE Advanced, in which more than 12 lacs students appear each year, with less than 2% making it to the IITs.

Lastly, avoiding distractions is easier said than done, but when your GOAL is to qualify for exams like IIT-JEE, you must keep all of those things at a fair distance that put hurdles in your preparation journey. The path to SUCCESS isn't easy, but when you use appropriate strategies to move forward on it at the right time, IMPOSSIBLE becomes I'M POSSIBLE.