Why Zinedu ?


Our vision is to transform the face of the Indian Education System by providing the most affordable and accessible, technically enriched learning platform to every aspirant that dares to achieve the extraordinary.

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Our mission is to become a one-stop platform for every competitive exam that takes place in India. We are working tirelessly to reach out to every emerging city across the nation and ensure that we become the first choice for every student aspiring to fulfill their heartfelt desire to get into the country's premier institutions. Our focus is to build an ecosystem where academicians, students, and parents can co-exist together and nurture our aspiring students' bright futures. We firmly believe that premium quality education should be accessible to every student, and this motto drives us every day to work passionately towards making this dream of ours a reality.

Why Zinedu?

We, at ZinEdu, are a group of extremely driven educationalists and instructors who have come up together with a highly motivated team of IIT and IIM alumni to solve educational complexities that Gen-Z is facing. Since its inception, we have focused on bringing a change to the national educational landscape using modern technological innovations & advancements with the essence of conventional learning. ZinEdu has been guiding students through an array of elaborated programs inclusive of both offline and online classes taken by our highly experienced group of faculties.

We believe in enriching the conventional classrooms by applying “Sensible Learning" that can be found in our teaching pedagogy, technologically advanced classrooms and live 2-way interactive classes. We have established associations with prominent educational institutions that have enabled us to impart our evolving study model throughout, gaining an overwhelming response from both educators and learners over time.

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Our students' enthusiasm has motivated us to envision a future where the next wave of educational revolution will happen in India's uprising cities. We, as an organization, take aspirants from Classes 9 to 12 under our nurturing wings and facilitate them to grow a strong set of wings on their own and fly off to achieve their ultimate objective of getting into IIT/AIIMS. Getting a seat in IIT/AIIMS is a dream of many aspiring youths in upcoming cities like Bokaro, Bhilai, Dehradun etc. Due to limited quality coaching options available in these cities, students are left with no option but to migrate to Coaching hubs like Delhi, Kota, Mumbai, Hyderabad, or Bengaluru. ZinEdu, through its unique Hybrid (Offline + Online) Classroom model, provides access to Top Quality teachers without any geographical barriers. Students can prepare for IIT-JEE/NEET and other competitive examinations through our Contact Centres without having to move out of their city or town. We are coming to your town with the best teachers and technology to become a part of your success story.